Executive Management
The executive management of HEWASA Programme is comprised of The Executive Programme Manager. Also in place is a Senior Management Team which provides advisory support to the Executive Programme Manager.
Financial Management
Fort Portal Diocese has developed and institutionalised the use of sound and transparent accounting and internal control systems contained within its revised Financial Accounting and Management Regulations (Diocesan Financial Policy), April 2005. As one of the Diocesan Programmes, HEWASA Programme also follows and puts to use these Financial Accounting and Management Regulations. 
Financial Governance
The Programme Manager is the Accounting Officer of all funds disbursed to HEWASA Programme. Also in place is the Finance and Administration Unit of HEWASA Programme responsible for providing financial management and Administration support. All programme financial documents are subjected to auditing by external auditors at the end of each financial year. Furthermore, the Diocese has an Internal Audit Department headed by the Chief Internal Auditor who is responsible for carrying out regular internal audits.
Financial Reporting
Financial Audit reports are produced every financial year and submitted to the Programme Financiers and to the Board of Governors. The Programme’s Finance and Administration unit obtains monthly bank statements, which are carefully filed for reference. Furthermore, monthly bank reconciliation statement are prepared and carefully filed for audit and inspection. 
Procurement of Goods, Services and Works
Procurement of goods, services and works within HEWASA Programme are governed by the principles and guidelines contained within the Diocesan Financial Policy, 2005.