Who we are

DSSD – Caritas Fort Portal is the social pastoral arm of the Catholic Church in Fort Portal; it came into existence in the early 1980s. The department was always known in all the Catholic Dioceses of Uganda as Caritas, but locally in Fort portal it is Diocesan Social Services and development department. 

As the Social pastoral arm of the Catholic Church in Fort Portal Diocese DSSD – CARITAS is involved in the provision of humanitarian, social and economic services. Fort portal diocese is comprised of 22 Catholic Parishes and it covers six administrative districts in western Uganda namely: Kabarole, Kyenjojo, Kamwenge, Kyegegwa, Ntoroko and Bundibugyo and has a population of about 2Million people.


DSSD’s overall objective is to improve the livelihoods of all the people irrespective of creed tribe political affiliations etc by initiating and fostering socio-economic activities that aim at sustainable integral human development. DSSD Fort portal Diocese is charged with initiating, facilitating and implementing social economic activities geared toward creating a self sustaining community; driven by the principle values of love, Justice Peace and human solidarity.


Improve livelihoods for all people in fort portal Diocese –“whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me Mathew 21:40


To strengthen community capabilities through initiatives which promote charity, solidarity peace and justice for human development in Fort Portal Diocese and the entire country Uganda


DSSD core values

DSSD is committed to efficient service delivery in fulfillment of its mission. A number of strategies have been outlined in our strategic plan of which capacity building of staff, networking, fundraising gender, HIV/Aids and environment mainstreaming are of paramount importance. These strategies help us handle the changing trends of development work facing the country and world over. 

 DSSD networks with other partners in development to supplement Government efforts of poverty reduction. While DSSD does not undertake the work done by other congregations, civil society organizations and NGO’s we shall seek to build partnerships with those who share our vision of charity, solidarity, Justice and Peace for all and promise to deliver our services according to the set guidelines following the Catholic social teaching. In order to achieve our vision and mission, we always cherish Love of God, teamwork, transparency, equity and environment protection as our core values. 

In seeking to be like Jesus extending our work and hands to the poor; in promoting charity to stand with those who are unable to meet their needs in society because of the human caused circumstances; geographical positioning , social and economic status, by being in solidarity with those who most need our hand and services and by advocating for a just society whereby we live as one and share equally on what God has endowed us with,  the staff management and board highly believe in the following core values as guiding principles and bonding pillars that will  keep us closer to one another in our journey of service.

Love of God

Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, we need wisdom to understand the needs of the people we serve, we need wisdom to be bold where it may be hard or un bearable for us, we need not only knowledge but that wisdom guided by the holy spirit to understand that we are all children of God and that we all need to have the basic necessities of life because god does not want anybody created in that image to be less human.

Team work

Nothing on this earth can be attained single handedly we need to work together so that we can attain what we need if we are succeed The trinity, father son and the Holy Spirit shows us the way and even Jesus ministered with the twelve the disciples 

The aunts do it much better and the bees are excellent, two is better than one we shall also do it that so that we can achieve greater results.


Today more than ever before the world is looking for those who do there work in truth, honesty and who are accountable for the resources they are given and accountable to the people through impact and value for money services. The DSSD is committed in exhibiting high levels of accountability at all levels from the beneficiaries to the donors:


All are equal and all should share equally on the gifts of nature and all have responsibility to what the social services provides and a responsibility to productivity, men women and children without discrimination of any kind be tribe race color or creed. Services of the social welfare office are for all and all will be empowered to access resources while carrying out their roles and responsibilities